Fallow deer hunting
when and how

You can’t help but notice the fallow deer thanks to its antlers and appearance and it is definitely going to make every hunter’s heart flutter. Fallow deer gradually conquers new locations and displaces the individuals that lived there until now. 

Compared to red deer, it is smaller, but it often gets into fights with other animals that you can see in our area. Fallow deer hunting is moderately difficult, thanks to the fact that it is not too shy. Fallow deer hunting is amazing especially during the rut and is also a great visual experience.

Hunting season


Medal Points Weight
180 CIC
3,0 - 4,2 kg
170 CIC
2,5 - 3,8 kg
160 CIC
2,3 - 3,3 kg
150 CIC
2,0 - 2,9 kg
130 CIC
1,2 - 2,2 kg