Red deer hunting
when and how

Red deer is one of the most popular animals that you can hunt in our area. Most of the year, males stay alone and doe in groups, but during the estrus, each male has his own harem. That’s when deer hunting is unforgettable and unique.

Majestic deer fight among themselves, with the capital individual usually winning, the younger one being pushed out. Males often visit the same ruts, so deer hunting is easier in terms of tracking the male.

Hunting season


Medal Points weight
210 CIC
7,9 - 10,0 kg
190 CIC
6,1 - 8,5 kg
180 CIC
5,4 - 7,0 kg
170 CIC
4,5 - 6,5 kg
160 CIC
3,6 - 5,4 kg
150 CIC
3,4 - 4,7 kg