Roe deer hunting
when and how

Roe deer are grouped into larger herds especially in winter, mostly only field populations living in open agricultural areas as you can see in our area. In such a group doe live with calves and two-year-old calves, which are joined by male roe deer in winter.

During the rut, the male looks for a doe in heat, and when she loses interest in mating, he looks for another one. Roe deer hunting is interesting precisely in this period, also because of the unique attraction of the female, which attracts the male by bleating. The hunter can thus imitate this sound and attract the deer himself, the roe deer hunt is then even more magical.

Hunting season


Medal Points weight
130 CIC
430- 570 g
115 CIC
390 - 510 g
105 CIC
370 - 450 g
95 CIC
330 - 420 g
75 CIC
240 - 340 g