Wild boar hunting
when and how

Wild boar is a nocturnal and social animal, only older males lead a solitary life. The group will travel long distances in search of pasture, fortunately they have enough space for free movement in our hunting grounds.

Wild boars graze agricultural crops, like to wallow in mud and rub against tree trunks, leaving muddy tracks that make hunting the wild boar easier. This is how they get rid of skin parasites and cool down in the summer. During mating, the males fight fiercely. Wild boar hunting offers the best hunting experience when it comes to joint hunting, which is definitely a must-try.

Hunting season


Medal Points length
120 CIC
21 - 24 cm
115 CIC
18-23 cm
110 CIC
15 - 22 cm
100 CIC
11 - 20 cm